Evaluating the Safety of Your Chemical and Hazmat Carriers

There is a reason that TDG certification or Transportation of Dangerous Goods certification has been made mandatory by the Canadian government; it ensures the safety of people working with hazardous chemicals and are responsible for the transportation of chemicals. During the process of transportation, carrier selection is the most difficult task for a logistics manager. To help make things easier, we bring to you this detailed blog about how to evaluate the safety of your Chemical and Hazmat Carriers. So let’s begin.


Things you should keep in mind when you evaluate the safety of your chemical and hazmat carriers.

It’s the right thing to do 

Most of the companies across the country working with the chemicals have hired only trained and skilled professionals. These people understand that they can influence the impact of their company on society, the environment, and the safety of the general public. So, you must ensure that the trucking company that moves a chemical shipment has hired people who have taken TDG online training and are skilled enough to handle chemicals and dangerous goods properly.

Due diligence 

Legal penalties are the most common reason for most people following the guidelines and taking TDG certification when they work with harmful chemicals. But, in today’s world, it is a major consideration. There have been many incidents that companies chose a trucking company of their choice for transportation. It just so happened that the truck driver got into a major accident and not surprisingly, had a poor safety record. This is a clear incident of not showing due diligence.

Risk Reduction 

You know that the insurances are very expensive these days and the premiums are likely to increase soon. But you can save a lot, by showing the insurance company that you are taking enough care like providing TDG online training to your team members as well as showing the insurance company a system of reducing risk and evaluating the safety of your carriers, which may result in lower premiums.

Cost Reduction 

If you have ever faced a situation when an accident took place, you’d already understand that even a minor incident can cost thousands of dollars to clean up, not to mention bad press and PR. Long-term cost reduction means reducing unwanted incidents like spills or a worker coming in contact with chemicals. This can be ensured with properly trained, managed, and experienced carriers to move your chemical shipments.

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Conclusion – The process of choosing the right career partner should be done carefully and one must keep in mind various factors before making a decision. For example, you may choose to review a carrier’s safety fitness more often so you can be sure about the safety of your transportation. Additionally, you can also check if the drivers are having a TDG certification so they can take the required step in case of a spill incident during the transportation process.