How Do Self-Lubricating Bushings Work?

Self-lubricating bushings are used in machines and equipment without the use of oil, grease or other lubricants. The self-lubricating film on the bushing protects the mating components and improves their reliability. Bushing MFG Company, which was founded in 2006, specializes in oil-free bearings and bushings.

Composite bushings

Composite bushings allow true self-lubrication and are perfect for high-load, long-term applications. They are also corrosion-resistant and have low friction values. Composites can be a drop-in replacement for bronze or steel bushings. These self-lubricating bushings are made from high-performing thermoplastic or a modified PTFE.

Composite bushings can handle heavy loads and high temperatures. They are very strong and stable and require little maintenance. Their composite material makes them an ideal choice for applications involving high radial loads, swing movements, and other extreme operating conditions.


Bronze embedded solid lubricant bearings

Bronze embedded solid lubricant bearings are manufactured with a dense combination of solids and binders that impart lubrication. These bearings have a low coefficient of friction and can rotate at high speeds. The solid lubricant must be able to withstand high temperatures and rotational motion to maintain a stable lubrication film. They should also be resistant to high temperature, vibration, and edge pressure.

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Bronze embedded solid lubricant bearings are available in a variety of configurations. LUBRON AQ bearings are frequently used in applications where oil lubrication is not practical or where there is an additional lubricant requirement. The LUBRON AQ bearings can be furnished with several groove patterns that are designed to accommodate most types of movement and loading. The grooves can be specified in any depth and may run out from one or both ends of the bearing. Seal grooves can also be added for applications where foreign materials are a concern.

Aluminum bronze bushings

Bushing MFG complete line of Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushings are made from a variety of different Bronze Alloys, including C95400 Aluminum Bronze, C93200 Bearing Bronze, Cu+Ni, and Graphite Bronze. These products have a low coefficient of friction and are ideal for applications with heavy loads and high temperatures.

Bronze bushings are a durable and corrosion-resistant material. Bronze is a versatile material for bushings because of its high tensile strength and low coefficient of friction. They can withstand temperatures up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit.

Oil impregnated plastic

Self-lubricating bushings have many advantages over traditional bearings. They are highly corrosive resistant and long-lasting. They are also very cost-efficient. They come in several different styles, including straight, shoulder, guided ejector, and oil-impregnated bronze.

The lubricant is a solid or a liquid that is embedded within the surface of the bushing. These materials are resistant to wear, have lower friction, and reduce noise. They are also environmental-friendly. They can be made of bronze, graphite, or molybdenum.

PTFE coating on bearing surfaces

PTFE is a synthetic polymer with unique properties and is widely used in engineering. These properties include low coefficient of friction, chemical resistance, high temperature stability, and low wear. However, the material has poor wear resistance and therefore it is usually filled with various fillers. Glass fiber-filled PTFE has less wear resistance than pure PTFE, but has many engineering applications.

PTFE coating on bearing surfaces of selflubricating bushings improves friction resistance by reducing the wear and tear on the bearings. The coating is applied to the bearing surface using a special technique. The process involves coating aramid fabric with PTFE and then bonding the uncoated side of the fabric to a steel or metal surface. This coating reduces friction, provides high-performance bearings, and increases resistance to cold flow.

Graphite coating on bearing surfaces

Graphite impregnated bearings have many benefits over traditional bearings. They are more corrosion resistant, reduce friction, and can operate at higher temperatures without deforming. Graphite impregnated bearings are widely used in high-speed applications.

Graphite is an excellent lubricant for many types of equipment. Graphite is not soluble in most industrial liquids, which makes it a good choice for applications where moisture is a problem. This makes it a good choice for bushings and seals for pumps and equipment that requires steam cleaning. Other applications include water pumps, bleaching tanks, rotary filters, and self-lubricating bushings.