hand cleansing gel

We are misusing the hand cleansing gel

Did you know that disinfecting your hand should be done this way?

Since the coronavirus outbreak, we have all started using more hand sanitizer gel. Until now, we had never had to disinfect our hands when we went to the supermarket. Today it is almost every day, and we are looking for the gel before entering the store. However, disinfecting your hands is proving to be more difficult than expected. Plus, most of us do it wrong. Whoops!

Wash one’s hand

We know that hand washing is the better way to sanitize our hands. In the past, a lot of attention has been paid to proper handwashing. Detailed explanations are offered in various video tutorials. However, running water is not always available in all stores or gas pumps. The solution pump with disinfectant hand gel. But how does it work?

How do you disinfect your hands?

First, you need to push down on the hand sanitizer gel pump – if possible, with your elbow. Is it not possible? So, disinfect the fingertips with which you pressed the pump carefully. To sanitize your hands, rub your hands for 30 seconds. Remember to clean the top of your hands and between your fingers. Are you having trouble timing those 30 seconds? So sing the Happy Birthday song three times, and voila, your hands are sanitized!

Do you have dry hands?

Many people suffer from drier than regular hands due to the increased number of hand washes. How can you make insure your hands are beautiful, soft, and hydrated again? It’s simple, use a lot of hand cream. Try to do this regularly and rub your hands with the cream immediately after disinfecting. Ignore hand creams that contain alcohol or perfume, as these ingredients