TDG course

What you need to know about the TDG course & certification?

It is a fact that more than 1.25 million shipments of dangerous goods are transported by air annually. Since the growth is predicted at 4.9% every year over the next 5 years, we can say that this field is going to become very competitive, and more people will be recruited as professionals who will be responsible to handle the consignments. Following this, the Canadian government has made it mandatory for every individual, working with hazardous chemicals or other substances in the transportation industry, to opt for a Transportation Of Dangerous Goods certificate (TDG). The goal of TDG is to develop safety standards and regulations, provide risk-based oversight and give expert advice on dangerous goods to promote public safety during the process of transportation of dangerous goods.

TDG course
TDG course

What are Dangerous Goods

For every individual working in the industry, it is important to know what a dangerous good is before you ship. As per the IATA’s Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) Manual, dangerous goods are the items or articles that are capable of posing a hazard to health, safety, property or the environment and which are shown in the list of dangerous goods in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

What Are Examples of Dangerous Goods 

In the industry, most transportation of dangerous goods is handled by professionals having TDG online courses and then certification. Along with this, they have experience in the area of shipping hazmat. But it is not known to many travelers who may be going on the same ship or plane. So, some common examples of dangerous goods are aerosols, lithium batteries, infectious substances, fireworks, dry ice, gasoline-powered engines and machinery, lighters, and paint.

Why Dangerous Goods training is necessary?

There is no way you can ignore having a Transportation Of Dangerous Goods certificate in Canada because it has been made mandatory for every individual working with dangerous goods. It is required for all persons across the entire supply chain who prepare, offer, accept and handle dangerous goods. But it is very important that it is your responsibility to have a certificate with proper education. you cannot just expect to enroll in a TDG online course and then skip getting a certification. You are going to need to have a certification so that you can show it as proof when asked to stay compliant with the industry regulations. With this course and certification, you will learn everything related to the process of transporting dangerous goods or chemicals along with the steps you need to take in case of any emergency spill incident.

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The desire to keep workers and other passengers safe is the driving force behind ensuring the regulations are met by adequately training all parties involved in the transport of dangerous goods. This is only possible when the responsible professionals are having the required training to carefully handle the transportation process. So, make sure that you also have a TDG certification to know the process of handling dangerous goods.